Case Studies

Ethanol Rail Facilities - NC

Greensboro & Selma, North Carolina

Design Highlights:
15-Car Receiving  Yard Capacity
Parallel Mainline Staging Siding
New Mainline switches
Relocation of Existing Mainline switch
Grade Crossings at terminal’s main truck access

 CivilSmith, LLC teamed up with Creative Rails Solutions to assist Prime Engineering with the design of two new inbound ethanol rail facilities at two existing fuel distribution terminals in North Carolina.  Both facilities were design concurrently as the client moved quickly to get both of these Terminals on line to meet the demands or a regional market.

Facility #1 Before

Facility #1 After

In the early stages of the project, CivilSmith provided preliminary rail design services based on available information to assist with the project planning phases.  Both facilities are served by Norfolk Southern, but neither facility had existing rail infrastructure capable of handling large volumes of inbound ethanol rail cars. Based on early project sketches, it was determined that the rail car capacity could be increased with some creative layouts that remained within the design guidelines of the serving railroad.CivilSmith attended project development meetings at the project sites, while at the same time coordinating the surveying efforts to insure sufficient data related to the existing and proposed rail infrastructure was obtained.  

The detailed rail design included coordination with Prime Engineering and Norfolk Southern to meet the client’s expectations for rail capacity and to meet the strict design guidelines of the railroad.  The plans were completed on schedule and were quickly approved by the railroad without any significant revisions. 

Track construction specifications were developed that were customized for each project for inclusion into the overall project bid documents.  CivilSmith assisted in the job showing in providing specific answers to rail contractor’s questions.

Facility #2 Before

Facility #2 After

Construction observation services provided by CivilSmith reinforced adherence to track specifications and rail construction practices by the rail contractors.  These services proved to be valuable in that substandard materials and construction issues were resolved early in the track construction process to insure that the client was provided with the quality of rail infrastructure that was specified for these high volume ethanol receiving yards.

Track Construction Services Provided By: Tar Heel Railroad Construction Co. & STX Corporation

Civil/Site Design/Mechanical:  Prime Engineering