Case Studies

Industrial Park Rail Expansion

Martin County, North Carolina
Martin County's efforts to market the Martin Regional Business Park and their existing speculative buidling required developing conceptual rail plans to demonstrate the viability of rail service to the far end of this existing rail-served industrial park.  CivilSmith, PLLC teamed up with Creative Rail Solutions, LLC to provide a wide range of services to include conceptual design, cost estimating for establishing amount of grant funding, detailed rail design, track roadbed grading design, permitting, track construction specifications, bidding and contract documents, contract administration, and construction observation services.  With an active prospect looking at the site, CivilSmith and Creative Rail Solutions provided assistance to Martin County in their efforts to locate Weitron in the park's existing building while planning for future industrial park rail access.  From the early stages of the site selection process to the lead track and spurs being placed in service, the CivilSmith/Creative Rail Solutions team worked through many details and challenges during mulitple phases of this project.

Existing Industrial Park Lead - Before Construction

Existing Speculative Building - Before Construction

CivilSmith and Creative Rail Solutions coordinated with Martin County, Weitron, NCRR, and CSX throughout the entire duration of the project to develop rail designs that met the rail operational and capacity needs for existing, new, and future industrial rail users.  This project was grant-funded and as such required development of bidding and contract documents that met the requirements of both Martin County and the funding agencies.  CivilSmith provided all civil/site grading, drainage, and E&SC design and associated permitting.

Track Roadbed Grading & Drainage Phase

CivilSmith and Creative Rail Solutions developed detailed track plans and track specifications that included modifications of existing track, relocation of an existing active industrial turnout, the construction of industrial lead track, connection track and spur track to serve this new industry.  Careful consideration was given to providing a design that would provide future rail access to multiple parcels within the park.  Specifications included the use of larger rail sections and the option of taking advantage of the potential cost savings by choosing to specify steel ties and steel tie turnout sets as teh base bid for all new construction.

Project Highlights:
  • 4 Industrial Turnouts
  • 5,000+ Track Feet of Lead and Connection Tracks
  • NARSTCO Steel Tie & Turnout Construction

Lead Track Construction - During Track Assembly

Steel Tie Turnout Assembly

Steel Tie Track Construction for All New Tracks

Construction phase services were provided by the CivilSmith and Creative Rail Solutions team to include materials submittal review, frequent site visits with detaied reports, invoice review and approvals, and project closeout documents.  The construction observation visits included visits during all phases of the track construction to include grading stakeout, material delivery, grading & drainage construction, erosion & sediment control implementation, track and turnout assembly, track lining & surfacing, and final inspections for developing a detailed punch list.  The rail construction phase was completed well in advance of Weitron's facility being operational thus allowing ample time and opportunity for this new industrial park rail user to blend their site grading and materials handling equipment into a completed rail project that is fully functional and ready to receive rail cars.

New Lead Track Diverging from Original Rail Configuration

New Lead Track Designed for Future Turnouts to Serve Future Industrial Rail Users

Lead Track Constructed with new 136# Rail and Steel Ties by NARSTCO

Steel Tie Turnouts for New Connection Track

New Industrial Park Rail Infrasture Ready for Current, New, and Future Industrial Rail Users

New Industrial Park User, Weitron,  Operational and Receiving Inbound Rail Cars

Track Construction:  Amtrac Railroad Contractors of MD, Inc.
Track Roadbed Grading & Drainage Construction:  Anderson Construction
Surveying Services:  Green Engineering, PLLC
Geotechnical Services:  Terracon