Case Studies

Martin-Brower Facility

Walker, Louisiana
Similar to their other locations around the country, Martin-Brower chose CivilSmith, LLC to assist them with this important project from concept to construction.  CivilSmith was brought in early to assist Martin-Brower during their site selection process where we studied multiple locations near the Baton Rouge area for potential rail service to a new regional facility.  A greenfield site was selected in Livingston Parish that is served by Canadian National. 

Martin-Brower's Greenfield Site and CN Mainline Prior to Construction

CivilSmith worked closely with Martin-Brower's civil/site engineer to develop rail layout options to meet the client's needs for efficient rail service to its three proposed rail doors.  Specifically, Martin-Brower wanted to have the ability to receive up to six rail cars at a time and then to be able to move their own cars by utilizing a capstan car puller systems.    Because of CN's increased unit train rail traffic along this corridor, the rail design required considerations of bi-directional rail service as well as the ability to clear a local switcher off of the mainline with a one-half mile siding.

Completed Mainline Turnout and Rail Siding at East End

Completed Mainline Turnout and Rail Siding at West End

CivilSmith coordinated the rail design efforts with the civil/site engineer as well as the general contractor to develop detailed rail plans for CN's review and approval process.  CivilSmith also provided guidance and recommendations to Martin-Brower for the capstan car puller system based on a coordinated effort with the carpuller vendor to include rail car dimensions, rail car weights, track geometry, and possible capstan arrangements.

Double-Ended Spur for Bi-Directional Rail Switching

Rail Door System Meeting CN Clearance Requirements

Capstan Carpuller System

Civil/Site Consultant - Alvin Fairburn & Associates
Track Construction - STX Corporation