Case Studies

Regional Food Distribution Center

East Point, Georgia

Similar to their other locations around the country, Martin-Brower chose to expand their Atlanta-area food distribution facility to a new greenfield site near East Point, Georgia.  CivilSmith, LLC was chosen to assist Martin-Brower and their design team in the rail design for a spur to serve their new site served by CSX.

Martin-Brower's Greenfield Site Prior to Construction

CivilSmith worked closely with Martin-Brower's civil/site engineer, Urban Engineering, to develop rail layout options to meet the client's needs for efficient rail service to its three proposed rail doors.  Specifically, Martin-Brower wanted to have the ability to receive up to six rail cars at a time and then to be able to move their own cars to move unloaded cars and to spot the three remaining loaded refrigerated rail cars.  The use of capstan car pullers was suggested as an option to allow them to move cars as this system was implemented at their other existing facilities.  Rail door spacing was another consideration that CivilSmith pointed out to the architectural firm to insure sufficient spacing for being able to accomodate a larger fleet of refrigerated rail cars.

CivilSmith coordinated the rail design efforts with the civil/site engineer as well as the general contractor to develop detailed rail plans for CSX's review and approval process.  CivilSmith also provided guidance and recommendations to Martin-Brower for the capstan car puller system based on a coordinated effort with the carpuller vendor to include rail car dimensions, rail car weights, track geometry, and possible capstan arrangements.

Completed Mainline Turnout and Rail Spur

Capstan Carpuller System

Civil/Site Consultant - Urban Engineers, Atlanta, GA

Track Construction - C.R. Bridges